Everyday above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! So happy Good Friday! Here are some things to avoid to keep the positive energy flowing:

5. You Don’t Shave – Obviously since we’re practicing social distancing, we not just out here keeping it sexy. But then you get that “what you doing” text at 11:30, and he lives around the corner! Not y’all got matching legs. Girl. Stay ready so you ain’t gotta get ready.

4. You Didn’t Do Laundry – It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got nothing to do. So you drink a lil wine you feeling yourself. So you wanna take some sexy selfies. But not in them big ass draws! Now go wash clothes. Right now.

3. You Don’t Wear Pants – Listen I never wear pants at home. So I didn’t have any on when I interviewed The Bonfyre last night on Instagram Live. Annnnnd one wrong move, and my draws are on the internet. They matched my top and were cute, but still! My cousins gone think I’m tryna start an Only Fans page! Do as I say, not as I do, and put on some clothes.

2. You Got Bad Ass Kids – You tooooold that boy to stop running in your house. And now he ran into the counter and bust his head open. Now you got CPS at the crib thinking you’re abusive. Listen, you can solve all these problems by just letting your mama raise your kids.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday! – It’s kinda ugly outside, outside is opening but only at 25% capacity, so you still can’t really do much. But uh…you have breath in your body! Something Ahmaud Arbery will never have again. So be grateful for life; it’s precious. And if you can’t do that, keep your negative ass away from me.

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