With the city shutting down, a lot of people are going to be negatively affected. Here are some who deserve our love.

5. Strippers – I’m not even being funny. What unemployment do strippers get? They literally live off of tips, and since we can’t go to the strip club, what are they supposed to do??? So if you know a stripper, send them a virtual hug and tell them it’s gonna be okay. The only reason they’re #5 is because 85% of them are gonna start Only Fans pages and be just fine.

4. Club Hosts – Obviously clubs are closed, so now what are they gonna do? They can’t even host a club in their house because the DJs already beat them to it. Plus how they gone yell in their house? Their downstairs neighbor gone call them people on them.

3. Instagram Influencers – We rely on them to tell us what to wear, where to eat, and what products to use. Sooo….if we all gotta stay in the house, why we need them? Not to mention, with all the Instagram challenges we’re ALL influencers now. Influencing people to take shots, do push-ups…we have all the power.

  – They live such a fabulous life! They travel to exotic countries, wake up in these fancy 5-star hotels, and eat overpriced breakfast. But now since we can’t travel internationally, where are they gonna find an old rich man from Dubai to pay for all this in exchange for some….oh, kids outta school. My bad.

1. Yourself! – Look this can be a trying time for anyone. You’re stuck in the house, you don’t have anyone to talk to, and you can’t go to social events…..PERFECT! You hate going out anyway, and you always make an excuse to stay home. Now you have the ultimate excuse! So hug yourself and say “Self, we did it! It’s our time to shine!”

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