We encounter all kinds of people throughout the day, but here are 5 people who should be completely ignored.

5. Dumb Daniel – Lil Yachty once said in a rap, “she blow me like a cello.” If you don’t realize why that’s stupid, you’re the dumb friend. If you’re impressed by 3-syllable words…if you can’t spell anything without autocorrect…you guessed it: dumb friend. Your only friend needs to be a library and a GED program.

4. Hating Helen – You know how people say “well they hated on Jesus?” THEY…is your hating friend. NO matter what it is, they’ll find a way to hate on it. You just had a baby? Well the hospital is ratchet. You got a promotion? Well you didn’t get the corner office. And that dress DEFINITELY makes you look fat. Why are you talking to someone who clearly hates themselves? Your last duty of friendship is to find them a therapist.

3. Emotionless Eddie – This is the friend you DON’T call when someone dies, when you get broken up with, or when you get fired…because they’ll either find a way to laugh at you, or pretend to not understand why anything affects you. Emotionless Eddie is hurting deep down and has suppressed his emotions to the point of pretending to not have any. So it won’t even hurt him when you block his number.

2. Complaining Carl – Day in and day out, all they do is talk about how they hate being broke, they hate their job, they can’t stand their roommate…but do NOTHING to fix their situation. Being friends with a complainer is so draining! Before you cut them off, cuss them out and tell them to fix their lives.

1. Hoodrat Heather – For the record, I’ve never met a hoodrat named Heather. But for argument’s sake, your hoodrat friend is the one you can’t take nowhere. She tries, to fight anyone who stares at her, she’ll cuss out your mama, and the very bottom of her bootymeat will show under her dress…and that’s just at grandma’s funeral! Leave Hoodrat Heather…in the hood.

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