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It finally feels like Cuffing Season outside, so I think it’s time I settled down. Here’s why you should join me:

5. You’ll Stop Bothering Your Friends

2018 Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Movie

Source: Disney Pixar Films / Disney Pixar

All these chick flicks are coming out, and of course you wanna see them. But who are you gonna go with? Your friends are boo’d up and you tryna have a girls night. Getchu a man and bam: automatic date everywhere.

4. Your Daddy Can Sleep at Night

Universal Pictures And Legendary Pictures' Premiere Of 'Straight Outta Compton' - Arrivals

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

You know, no matter how old I get, I’m my daddy’s baby girl. And even though my gun is always loaded, he worries about me. But with a big strong man that isn’t intimidated by him, he can rest easy knowing he doesn’t have to catch a charge behind me.

3. You’ll Save Money on Your Light Bill

coins , pen and accounting data

Source: Towfiqu Photography / Getty

I’ve been single a while, but people still cuddle right? Like that’s still a thing? Well now you can turn down the heat a few degrees, let that man hold you, and save a bunch of money on your electric bill by switching to “taken.”

2. You Can Put Up Your Step Stool

Step up ladder

Source: SEAN GLADWELL / Getty

Okay this might just be a “me” problem, but do you know how frustrating it is to not be able to reach the cabinets in your own crib? Now if I had a boo who was over 5 feet, I wouldn’t have to risk my life trying to get green beans down for dinner.

1. You Can Retire “These Hands”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao

Source: Al Bello/Getty Images / Getty

I moved out at 18, left Shreveport at 22, and spent 10 years in Ohio with no family. If you try me, you getting these bullets, or these hands. But with a bae, I can sit back and watch him have a WorldStar moment if someone disrespects me. Long as it’s the right man; don’t let bae get beat up in these streets.

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