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For the first timer EVER fossils of hominids (you know the first human-like organisms where science says we come from gorillas and chimpanzees) are coming to Dallas from South Africa! The exhibit will be held at the Perot Museum of Natural Science in Downtown Dallas and marks the first time these fossils have been displayed outside of South Africa with the Big D being their only scheduled stop.

The new exhibition called “Origins: Fossils from the Cradle of Humankind,” is now open through March 22 and brings these new discoveries face to face with attendees to further explore the beginning our of …humanism I guess is a word?

When you visit, you’ll see the primary focus is on two specimens. The first is Karabo who was discovered by a paleoanthropologist (don’t trip it’s just a fancy word human fossil digger upper) Lee Berger’s 9-year-old son Matthew. They do know that Karabo is a male and he died about 1.97 million years ago. He was discovered in Malapa in 2008, and at the time of his death ironically was the same age of Berger’s son. That’s kinda creepy right, or nah?

Unlike Karabo, Neo was grown grown. They found him near Johannesburg in 2013 in the Rising Star cave system. He lived about 300,000 years ago. Just imagine what life was like on Earth THAT long ago! Well, after you see OG Neo’s skeleton, the exhibition has this cool re-created dig site where visitors can become paleoanthropologists for the day and search through a large box of sand containing 15 fossil models.

Want to plan your visit? Click here at Perot Museum and start your adventure!