Summer Walker is shortening her tour due to social anxiety. But as a conspiracy theorist, I have a few other explanations for this. *Note: these are just jokes. Mental health is nothing to play with, and I’m glad she’s taking hers seriously. Let me get these jokes off though.*

5. Her Deodorant Ain’t Holding Up – It’s tough doing shows every night and sweating, then trying to take a hoe bath in that pail she carries around. You wanna sniff her?

4. She’s Not Making Extra Money – Artists make most of their money on tour, then from extra things like merch and meet and greets. But she doesn’t like hugging people because she’s an empath. Maybe she FEELS the fans’ complaints about her, so she doesn’t wanna get that close.

3. She’s Gotta Work on her Love Life – She needs time to make sure her relationship with London on the Track is perfect, cause he’s the reason her album banged in the first place. Better send him a nude right now, just to be sure.

2. She Needs to get her Heart Broken – Her album had every woman hating her man, because we were all over it. Now what happens if she falls in love? Next album gone be poo. Remember when Mary J Blige got happy…?

1. She Needs to get the Spotlight Back – Did you see the video with her and Usher performing? Whew, he outshined her! She’s single-handedly the reason Usher is being talked about for something other than Herpes. Yea, fall back for a minute and let this blow over.

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