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The BET Hip Hop Awards were last night (October 8) and they were…interesting to say the least. Here’s my takeaway:

5. Lil Duval Needs College

Lil Duval

Source: Shun Atkins / Radio One

Duval did a great job hosting the show. But did you see how he was on the struggle bus trying to read the teleprompter?? Str-ug-gle. Yea, just like how that sounded.

4. People Still Care About Real Lyricists

J. Cole At Super Jam 2015

Source: Lawrence Bryant / LB Photography

This was new; battle rappers at an award show?? And they were spitting!! And people seemed interested!! Now I’d never watch 2 hours of “when I empty the clip, you’ll fall like a ponytail” or whatever, on Youtube but salute to BET for including all of hip hop culture, at the Hip Hop Awards.

3. I Miss Soul Train

2017 Soul Train Music Awards - Arrivals

Source: Bryan Steffy / Getty

Remember how every artist that went on Soul Train had to lip sing? Now I understand why. These artist need to start doing some strength training and cardio! Most of them were an exhausted mess! Stop drinking Hennessy and go to the gym!

2. Women Really Do Run the World

Springfest 2019

Source: Gabriele Moore / Gabriele Moore

Now I’m no hip hop historian, but I don’t remember a time when a woman opened and closed the award show. Hot Girl Meg kicked it off, and the legend Lil Kim closed. Put some respect on female artists!!

1. Lil Kim’s face Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Changed

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Source: Prince Williams/Jim Smeal / Getty

Kim definitely deserved the “I Am Hip Hop” award. She’s put in her years and we should acknowledge that. But uh….maybe she should’ve let someone else do her performance tribute. Baby was outta breath after the first song! Then she tried to dance…listen, as someone with no rhythm, I can tell you that sometimes it’s best to go for what you know. And she doesn’t know how to dance.

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