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One of my favorite TV shows had a funeral scene last night, and it reminded me how hilarious some black funerals can be.

5. You Can Pretend to Like Your Family Again

Life is better with true friends

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Y’all gone start that fake ass group chat talking bout “let’s stay in touch!” But don’t worry; it’ll only last a month.

4. You Can Distract Yourself from Sadness by Making Fun of the Outfits

HM Queen Elizabeth II Visits Canongate Kirk In Edinburgh

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From bad wigs and big hats, and that one chick in the dress she wore to the club the night before…you’ll have plenty of material to sneak for your Instagram story.

3. The Food at the Repast Gone be Fire!


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Nobody cooks better than the friends and family of the grieving, and they want you to get seconds, thirds, and a to go box. You gone be good for at least two days.

2. You Can Finally See How Many Side Chicks he Had

Burial of American Singer Josephine Baker

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You knew Uncle Leroy wasn’t faithful to Aunt Belinda. But wow, he had ALL the hoes. And they ALL showed up to say goodbye.

1. You Can Stop Worrying About Paying Back that Money You Owe

American dollar bills

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Cousin Cory had been bothering you about that $40 from 6 weeks ago like his life depended on it. Well it didn’t, but he still died. So put that $40 in your tank.