After hanging out with the “grown folks,” I realized I need to hang out with my aunties more often.

5. If You Can’t Dance, They Won’t Judge You

Celebs On The Ranch

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This is extremely important for me, because I have no rhythm. But I can hit that 2-step and all the line dances!

4. Someone There Will Certainly Pay You Car Note

Twenty Dollars Background

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Shout out to “first name, Sugar..last name Daddy.” I’m finna send him this note. Find you one too girl.

3. You KNOW the Food is Good

Close-Up Of Taco On Slate

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Who besides your mama makes the best food? Your auntie! And in a room full of aunties, you finna eat so good.

2. The Party Ends Early Enough to get to the Real Turn Up

A Boogie Album Release Party

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Listen ain’t nobody’s auntie got time to be out all night. They’re going to bed, then you can go to Pryme.

1. You Can be the Youngest in the Room

Little Miss African American Pageant - Arrivals

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When you reach that age where you’re older than college kids, but younger than aunties, but still like to do hoodrat things with your friends, you can feel a little old. So go kick it with your aunties. They were born two decades before you.

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