A Ft. Worth teacher who took to Twitter to complain about illegal immigrants was fired Wednesday.

Georgia Clark posted several tweets addressing Donald Trump from a now-deleted Twitter account about illegal Immigrants. Clark’s intent was to expose the school district for being “loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” as she wrote in one tweet, CBS Dallas / Fort Worth reported.

“Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them,” Clark wrote to Mr. Trump. “Drug dealers are on our campus and nothing was done to them.

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Clark requested for a contact in Fort Worth from the president “who should be actively investigating & removing illegals that are in the public school system.” The teacher admitted to the tweets, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported.

She told school officials that she “did not realise the tweets were public,” school officials wrote in a report.

The reaction to the tweets brought great attention to several immigrants and immigrant rights groups who spoke to Ft. Worth Independent School District committee members to condemn her actions.

In response they voted 8-0 to terminate the contract of Georgia Clark.

Ms Clark was fired on Tuesday, but has 15 days to appeal the decision.

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