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A Ft. Worth Juvenile who was kidnapped from her home last week was rescued after escaping into a fast food restaurant and pleading for help.

According to police records, the victim ran into a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Boyd Road Tuesday saying that she was being held against her will.  Sources say she was able to escape her captor because he left her unattended in a car while he went to a pawn shop nearby.

Employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken immediately called the police which resulted in 24-Year-Old Diamond Marquis Williams of Fort Worth being placed under arrest.

The victim was taken from her Ft. Worth home she shares with her parents. Investigators speculate the relationship began through snapshat.

The abduction was never reported and she was never listed as a runaway because police said Williams forced her to contact her family and tell them that she was okay and with friends.

The victim was questioned by detectives and then taken to the hospital for treatment and a medical evaluation. She was reunited with her family at the hospital, police said.

Williams is currently being held in the Tarrant County jail while police investigate further.

William’s is facing charges for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault of a child, both felony offenses