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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and maybe you’re stuck on what to get your mom. Don’t you dare get her a card. Here are some better ideas:

5.  Flowers

It’s basic, but it at least shows you care enough to not get her a gift card.

4. Cook Dinner

She cooked and cleaned for you until you were old enough to make your own noodles; show her you know how to slave over a hot stove too!

3. Spa Date

How many times have you heard your mama say her feet hurt? Head hurts? Back? Well let her get butt naked and let a big strong man rub on her.

2. Space

I know you love your mama, and she undoubtedly loves you too. But do her a favor: leave her alone! Give mama a day where she can watch her stories, read a book, and sleep with no worries of the phone ringing because you have a question about your laundry.

1. Money

You’ve spent your entire life borrowing money from her, so give her the gift of being an adult and paying back some of it.

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