Blac Chyna has done a lot of things that we’ve given her the side eye for, but reportedly getting pregnant by an 18-year old may have topped the ratchet cake.


On Monday, reports surfaced that Chy is carrying around a belly full of YBN Almighty Jay, just a day after the two were spotted out, looking as if they were on a school field trip with Chyna as the chaperone.

Neither Chyna nor Jay have commented on the rumors, but the teenager already let us know earlier this year that he doesn’t use protection while having sex with Chyna, and if she was to get pregnant, they’d keep it.

Clearly, this is a dream come true for the young bol.

It’s pretty safe the say that everyone is equally weirded out by this. He doesn’t even have a mustache — sorry Chy.


Blac Chyna is out here making young boys’ dreams come true, one baby at a time.






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