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Y-E-S, I said it, I called her a “B” right to her face. I leveled my gaze, tapped her on the shoulder and gave her the once over. Sister- said I, it’s been a long day but I just have to say, I know you’re a member- you’re a B-O-M-B-S-H-E-L-L.

When was the last time that another woman gave you a compliment? For me, that’s rule number one of being a bombshell. We are N-O-T intimidated by another woman’s fierceness. All my girls are feline femme fatales; the rest got fired in 2009. The word of the day is B-O-L-D all bombshells are familiar with it. It takes style, skill and courage to set yourself a part from “the crowd” a.k.a. the Beyonce Betas that are-the next woman.

In the words of the 80’s funk band Klymaxx, “don’t make me come down to your level and be a BW- a basic woman”. Ladies, it’s time to amplify your B-O-L-D factor from basic to bombshell. Here are some adjustments- any thoughts?

The Aura: When basic women think of aura, they think attitude and sass but a true B.I.T (Bombshell In Training) knows that manners and style are what leave a lasting impressions. Separate yourself from the pack with vintage elegance, now that’s a bold move!

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The Silhouette: B.I.Ts come in every size, shape and shade of sexy but we all strive to be healthy. From white teeth, to attacking a flight of stairs without grasping our collective chests, a true B.I.T knows a girdle will do only so much. Pack a lunch or boldly hit the gym during your hour of power.

The Signature: Basic women follow trends but we know that trends are like the catwalk, simply an offering for us to select from. Be bold and define your own look. Ask yourself, can I “own” this look and does it work for my body type?

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