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Description: This Holiday Season virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana will be a big hit however if your African-American, Latino, Indian or any other minority you might have a issue. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING: If your a new American citizen the Department of Homeland Security now wants your social media handle.

TECH MOVES: Oakland Raiders player Marshawn Lynch signs a big deal with with Facebook Watch and now launches Beast Mobile. TRUMP DID WHAT? Thanks to the first daughter, Trump is investing $200 million in STEM with emphasis on minorities.

BALLIN: Chance The Rapper now makes Forbes list.

FACEBOOK: Rolls out a new blood donor feature for people of India.

Twitter V.2: Donald Trump can now Tweet more but he’s now in the beta club.

BIG DATA: The Center for Disease Control can tell you everything you need to know about life expectancy in America (yikes). This episode features new music from The Luniz.