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Tisha Campbell-Martin

Source: PG / Splash

Apparently there are young people who have been fans of Tisha Campbell-Martin and her music since her first album Tisha dropped in 1993 (before most millennials were even conceived).

Mix that artist appreciation with raw, youthful creativity and you get the hilarious Tisha Campbell tribute Instagram page.

The genius behind the page, who dedicated it to the former Martin star and her #CampbellSoups, decided to place photos of Tisha’s face on iconic photos of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, all mixed in with throwback pics of the star — and the result is pure internet gold.


Whose been a loyal soup since my first debut album "Steel in Love" ❤…

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Ok but who remembers this night!?! .. iconic

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Cuhs I'm all about this bass, no treble

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My single "Steel in Love" live performance. I slayed that night #tishaalwaysonbeat

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We laugh, but Tisha Campbell-Martin was gearing up to be the Beyoncé of her time after stealing the show in Spike Lee’s School Daze in 1988. But that doesn’t stop the Tisha tribute page from being any less iconic.

Happy 49th Birthday Tisha Campbell — and if you need a good laugh today, you know where to go.

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