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97.9 The Beat DUB Car Show 2017

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Today at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas the 97.9 The Beat Dub Car Show went down. There were performances by Cardi B,  Migos, Yo Gotti, and more!  The show was hype from the first minute it started there was some strong energy in the air. The people there including the performers, staff, and crowd made the show a fun environment.

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Radio personalities interviewed many celebrities, me being one of them. I got the chance to talk to Yo Gotti after his performance. When I was talking to him he revealed some interesting news that grabbed my attention. He mentioned that a new album is in his cards for the future. Although he didn’t specify a release date we can assume that it’s coming our way soon. Let’s keep an eye out for Yo Gotti’s upcoming album!

If you missed the 97.9 The Beat Dub Car Show 2017, don’t be discouraged. Do you want to know all about what went down at the car show? You can check out pictures and videos taken by looking up #979carshow2017 or you can check out our Instagram page. Even if you did go, check out the hashtag or our page and you can see some behind the scenes material.