During Kendrick’s stop in the DFW for his sold out show Friday at the Double A.C., a loyal supporter got a much needed surprise from the TDE heavyweight. Kung Fu Kenny gifted Jennifer Phillips, who became a quadriplegic after injuring her spinal cord in a car accident on July 26 of ’06, a brand new modified van to help her get around the DFW.

Jennifer had originally set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for a new van and in an YouTube video explained the need for it, saying for the last 10 years it has “taken me back & forth to Denton a few days a week to finish school, out of town and to events/meetings/appointments around Dallas but it’s been on it’s last leg for the past few years.” She goes on to explain how traveling became difficult and the family was forced to rent modified vans which are more expensive than regular rental cars and how her mom would often made sacrifices to ensure Jennifer lived the life she wanted. “Sometimes my mom has to take off of work to take me to appointments in her truck and transfer me back and forth from my manual chair (usually in the rain since my van does not run then) which I can not push on my own or sit in comfortably.”

Thanks to Kendrick, who first met his super-fan six years ago, Jennifer and her family have one less major worry in their lives. Kendrick personally hand-delivered the surprise embedded in a paragraph he wrote on a jacket that reads: “Thank you for always supporting me. Your a inspiration for me. You are strong and positive. Your kind and beautiful. For all the years of inspiring me, the least I can do is make sure your comfortable driving the city. A gift from me to you. Your always appreciated! — K. Lamar.”

Along with the jacket, Kendrick and company also gave her a customized Dallas Mavericks jersey with his last name “Duckworth” on the back and TDE President Dave Free also gave her a “What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth” cap.

Jennifer also detailed her experience with Kendrick from the beginning on IG explaining how she’s been to every show he’s had in Dallas and how welcoming he and his label crew have been to her.


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