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Travis Scott’s mug shot from his arrest this weekend looks like the face he’d make if someone opened up the window and let out the antidote.

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As we reported earlier, Travis was performing in Rogers, Arkansas and got the crowd super turnt as usual. The fans loved it, but police weren’t too happy with how he encouraged the audience to rush the stage, putting people in danger, so they arrested him right after the show for inciting a riot. They also charged him with endangering the welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct.

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In the statement Rogers PD issued, it reads in part several people were injured including a security guard and a cop. Sources close to Travis says he had no intention of putting anyone in danger, he just noticed there was space available in the general admissions area toward the front and invited people from the back to come closer for a better experience.

Travis didn’t have to see any jail bars because he was released without bail as soon as he got processed. He does have to return later for a court date.