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Hey Moms (and Daddy’s doing it to!)

I know you are even asking God for assistance when it comes to “HAIR DAY” for your Baby Girl.

At this point, you are just plum out of ideas, and you’re tired of putting her hair in the same one to two ponytails. And if you are one of those parents that go to the stylist every week, child, save yo money. Cause I am in the same boat as you!

It could be a multitude of reasons why the struggle is real in your household on “HAIR DAY.”

  • Your baby has a tight curl pattern, and its harder than Moses parting the Red Sea.
  • Just thinking about hearing her scream at the top of her lungs, stops you in your tracks.
  • It takes and entire Saturday to take it down, comb it out, wash it thoroughly, and comb it before it drys out. And not to mention if you are feeling overzealous are planning to flat iron it!
  • And the list goes on…

Well, whatever your reasons. I think that i have some suggestions.

I found some options that are going to save us all from losing our minds.

How to untangle the MANGLE!

I have a couple of products that i use on my daughters hair. She has really tangled hair and it doesn’t help that it has grown down to her butt since she was born.

And I have tried every product under the sun. And only a few hair products have actually cracked the black girl hair code for us.

Back to school

Source: Johnson & Johnson

No more Tangles

Back to school

Source: Aunt Jackies

Curl La La

Back to school

Source: Aunt Jackies

Knot on My Watch

All of these have saved my child from screaming and getting the police called on us. LOL. Seriously! When the hair is still wet, I soak it in one of this products. And the comb through work is little a hot knife cutting butter. No joke!

Style Magic! Switching it up!

I am always looking for new, cute, and most of EASY looks for my baby. Never-ending searches sometimes. But I fell upon and they have all the answers to your styling needs. (Click the image to go to the site.)

Back to School


Whether you know how to cornrow or not (I don’t either, and yes I am ashamed) Thirstyroot has a style for you.

  • Twist-rows
  • Two-strand twist
  • Buns
  • Curling Rod sets
  • Connecting Ponytails
  • Styled Afros
  • Etc.!


Back to School



Back to School

Source: returning2natural

So, give them a look see! Your baby, your neighbors, CPS, your momma that think she know it all, the lady talking about your baby hair at the grocery store, ALL OF THEM, will thank you! LOL.

Enjoy! And have fun with it.

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