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Last week, 27,000 Bernie Sanders supporters flooded Washington Square Park in New York City in support of the presidential candidate. The diverse group represented their surging pride for Sanders with provocative signs and custom apparel decorated with his face. Each time Sanders denounced Hillary Clinton’s ties to big banks, fans cheered in adoration and waved their royal blue “A Future to Believe In” signs in the air.

But what did this group, cheering for Sanders in what is essentially New York University’s backyard, have to say about the other presidential hopefuls vying for the number one spot come November?

We asked attendees to choose just one emoji to represent the candidates. This is what happened.

Donald Trump – Emotionless Emoji

emoji, presidential candidates, bernie sanders rally

Shannon Morgan is a student at New York University. When asked to draw an emoji that represents Republican front-runner Donald Trump, she drew one with a flat expression. Trump has created a reputation for himself in the community as the guy many can’t stand behind because of his bigotry.

“Trump will push the Black community into poverty and jails,” said another Sanders supporter.

Hillary Clinton – Eye-rolling Emoji

emoji, presidential candidates, bernie sanders rally

For supporters Azza and Astrid, who did not want their last names published, the only way to describe Clinton was the eye-roll. Maybe it’s the renewed discussion around her “super-predator” comment or her husband’s 1994 crime bill. Or it could be her many gaffes when it comes to people of color (remember when she wanted to be everyone’s “abuela?”). But despite her many slips, she’s still the Democratic front-runner.

Hillary Clinton – Flying Money Emoji

emoji, presidential candidates, bernie sanders rally

Since Clinton started her 2016 campaign, she has received nearly $160 million in overall fundraising donations.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, denounced ties to any Super PACs. Individuals donate $27.16 to his campaign on average, and he prides himself on the fact that he’s a politician for the people.

“I’m supporting Bernie over Hillary because it is too late for establishment politics –we need a grass-roots movement,” said Alfredo Alvarez, a 31-year-old Sanders fan.

When it came to Sanders, rally attendees chose instead to hold up signs praising the presidential hopeful. The rally, which came ahead of the highly anticipated New York state primary, showed the nation just how strong support of Sanders could be, but will that mean anything when it’s time to grab delegates on Tuesday?

Stay tuned…

PHOTO CREDIT: Natalie Simone, NewsOne


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