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Earlier today, the internet erupted with the idea that Disney was bringing back Darkwing Duck to TV with new episodes for the first time since 1992.

Well, Gizmodo reported it was all a hoax, saying they were “tricked by an old April Fool’s post dated April 2, 2015. Sorry about that.”

But this false alarm has us thinking about writing some pointed letters and begging TV execs to bring back our favorite cartoons. Check out which ones we miss most below.


Every young boy wanted a girlfriend like Patty Mayonnaise. Since she’s currently locked up on the show Orange Is the New Black, we should break her out and get an updated look on life with Doug Funnie.

The Animaniacs

These rejects who once escaped from a water tower in the Warner Bros Studios have been locked back into their prison, but their impact still runs strong.

Pinky & The Brain

Who doesn’t want to take over the world? These barely lovable mice are still hilarious. We’d love an up-to-date, more “adult” version of the diabolical duo.


We have an irrational fear of Reptar because of Tommy Pickles, but need them to make an updated version of Rugrats, in which Tommy Pickles is the father of his own bunch.

Captain Planet

It was 75 degrees on Christmas Eve in New York City. Captain Planet could show our kids how to save the planet in the process.


In the video game/cell phone world, we need nothing more than a little bit of recess right now. Let’s go outside and play…or just watch cartoons about kids playing outside.

Hey Arnold!

One of the most beloved cartoons in the history of cartoons. Arnold, Helga, Gerald, and the gang would be so great for the culture right now.


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