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The girls end up at a home for senior citizens to celebrate Kelly’s Great Aunt Maxine’s 100th birthday, but of course, this isn’t a visit without shenanigans. Kelly runs into Rick’s mom, who happens to work there, and she still wants Kelly to “be her son’s babymama,” so she invites Rick to the party. He shows up with a gift, and he also showed out.

Kelly starts hating at first, but then she notices how charming he is as he woos the grannies. The grannies tell her that she needs to recognize a good catch when she sees one. But like…this is Rick, momma’s boy Rick who lives with his mom and doesn’t even have a job, right? Wrong, kind of. He still lives with his mom (baby steps), but he finally got a good job and a car. Your boy is finally trying to get his grown man on, and the more he talks to the grannies, the more Kelly realizes that perhaps he is actually trying to come up in the world. In fact, Kelly recognizes it so much that she later corners him in a room and jumps his bones. Later on Kelly admits to Jenna that she might actually be in love with Rick, and Jenna tells Kels to go for it, but we all know it’s never that simple, right?

Meanwhile, Tara is off reading monologues while Jenna spends most of her time bonding with Eloise, a woman who tells her an amazing story about a torrid affair with the love of her life.

But back to Rick…

Just when Kelly thinks he’s maturing and becoming a better version of himself, she catches him in an argument with one of the grandpas at the home over dice. Yup, dude was actually playing dice at an old folks home and when he got got with a pair of bum dice, he got upset and went off on the old man who set him up. Kelly and Rick got into an argument about it, and that’s when she realized that perhaps they’re not going to work out after all. But you knew it was too good to be true, right?

A few days later, Jenna goes back to the home to see Eloise, but discovers that she is dead. However, Eloise’s son is there to pick up the pieces. He’s cute and invites Jenna to lunch, so she obliges. Clearly, this is new temptation.

We’ll have to see how their lunch date went next week.


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