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Amber Rose took her son trick-or-treating for the first time this year and although he took more than his fair share of treats, we’re proud to see Bash got results.

Sebastian meant business as his neighbors opened their doors with bowls full of candy. He left each stoop with a handful of treats, his Muva guiding him through the spooky Holiday.

At one point, the skeletal cutey was confronted about his mischievous ways. A few kids at one house told Bash he could only have one treat, but he took what he wanted, then walked away.

To be fair, β€œone” treat is a little stingy. To add to the preciousness, he was also spooked when he ran into a ghost and Frankenstein, yelling β€œYikes” before letting everyone know he had to β€œget out of here.”

Join Sebastian on his hilarious Halloween adventure via the videos above. They are sure to get you laughing.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash News

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