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Who knew Kali Uchis was as lonely as Kid Cudi?

The Colombian-born singer teams up with Dazed Magazine to release a Call Girl-inspired music video for her melancholy song “Loner.” The strangely calming music video features a very lonely Kali hanging out at an abandoned drive-in. With neon lights setting the mood, Kali aimlessly explores the abandoned drive-in, makes herself a milkshake, and seductively dances on a broke down old school bus.

Inspired by one’s inner loneliness, Kali explained the concept behind her self-directed video to the mag:

“I wanted this music video to portray a strong sense of being very grown, content alone and feeling yourself. I was inspired by mermaids, call-girls, the actress Mia Farrow, the film Scarface and the director Quentin Tarantino.”

Watch Kali’s new video up top. You can find “Loner” on her critically acclaimed mixtape Por Vida.

SOURCE: Dazed Magazine

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