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Orlando Scandrick ain’t sh*t.

There I said it. And no, I don’t believe Draya Michele brought her engagement ring and faked her proposal for publicity. To believe such a rumor, I’d be negating the ab-so-lute fact that men will use you, play you and leave you high and dry at the drop of a dollar bill on a stripper’s a** in the strip club.

I’m not a bitter Black woman, I have a boyfriend who I love.


Let’s keep it real, men are the devil.

Draya took to Twitter to dispel rumors surrounding recent news about her called-off engagement. The Basketball Wives LA star called herself a “clown” a part of a “circus,” in a tweet that sums up a familiar feeling of embarrassment.

Yet, it’s mainly women who don’t feel bad for Draya. How could that be? As a woman who’s been cheated on, lied to, hurt beyond measure, I can certainly find it in my heart to feel for Draya.

It’s every girl’s dream to be loved. Most of us already have already chosen our wedding colors and theme. We’ve decided on the menu and imagined our mate shedding a single tear when he first lay eyes on us. Draya may be a former stripper-turned-reality-show-star, but does that make her less of a woman than the rest of us? Does that mean that she is emotionless or not hurt that the man she gave her all to suddenly called off their engagement just days after she had happily announced it to the world? Because isn’t that what you would do?

I know I would.

Orlando told TMZ,

“In hindsight, it was a poor decision to propose” but said, “I am anxious to move on with my life both personally and professionally.”

He also posted “I don’t want no relations” on Instagram. I don’t know what goes on behind Draya and Orlando’s mansion doors, but I’ve been in enough relationships to know bullshit when I see it. And Mr. Scandrick, who most of the world only knows through Draya, your bullshit is showing.

But leave it to some, to tweet,

When did showing empathy for another go out of style like Coach bags? How did women, in particular, get to a place where not even an alleged rapist’s confession is enough proof to vindicate rape victims? (I’m talking to you Whoopi).

Others tweeted,

Please. Spare me the “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” crap. What are we in the 80s? If there’s one thing I know for certain, given my self-admitted hoeish past (I’m not ashamed), it’s that everyone can change because we’re all chasing after the same damn thing. (Insert Al Green Love & Happiness gif here).

Draya, keep ya head up and I have a pair of D’s if you need somewhere to lay your head.

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