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Lifetime’s Preach has chosen one of the strongest women in ministry to be featured on her their new show. That woman of strength and personality is Taketa Williams. She is not afraid.Her energy fills a room unapologetically.

Taketa has been called the “Beyonce of the Preaching World” and touts a global following. One thing is  one hundred percent true about Taketa,she is going to tell you the truth. Period.

Elev8: So tell us What drove you me to ministry? Was there a call? A moment? What pointed you to the role of prophetess.

Taketa Williams: Obedience drives me in ministry. Being a preacher, a pastor or a prophet is nothing I ever initially desired. My husband prophesied to me 20 years ago and told me that God called me to be a prophet and that my voice would go all over the world.  In the beginning upon receiving this word regarding God’s plan for my life, I was terrified. Despite my fears, I embraced my prophecy with my faith and told God yes. My YES became the catalyst that forced me to be who God called me to be, relentlessly.

Coupled with obedience concerning my purpose, I have great passion. My passion gives me a supernatural energy that provides me with supernatural strength to flow in a supernatural ability to do what I can’t do on my own. My greatest passion is to please God because if God is pleased then others are blessed and my life is blessed.

The other thing that drives me in ministry is my desire to see others helped, healed and blessed.  It was always the needs of the people that caused Jesus to be driven with compassion. It hurts me to see others hurt and the desire to help inspires me to go the distance to provide to them the strength, the wisdom and the guidance they need to survive and overcome. I’m a helpmeet, I was born to help meet the needs of others that desire for their needs to be met.

Elev8: Traditionalists and the internet are furious about this show. What do you say to people who believe this is a mockery of faith?

 Taketa Williams: To declare that something is a mockery is to  say that it’s an absurd misrepresentation or imitation of something. My life is fashioned after Christ and I represent Jesus in all the I do. Jesus was a powerful, radical game changer, noise maker and risk taker. He was and is extraordinary! He was a water walker, a world changer and an earth shaker.  He was different, dynamic and determined. I am a servant of the Lord and called to do the works that Jesus did. As a Prophetess, I have been chosen to speak on God’s behalf in the earth. I am His Ambassador who administers His Love, His Grace and His Power.

The power and the anointing of Jesus that I walk in is real, authentic and unadulterated. It’s not some cheap, tainted, Watered Down imitation power, however it’s costly and has required that I pay a great & sacrificial price.  A part of the price that I’ve paid for this power, is enduring criticism, conquering slander, pressing through pain, surviving persecution, giving up my own will, denying myself, picking up my cross and following Jesus. I stand this day to testify that all the pain that I’ve endured is worth this POWER. I do it all for His name sake.

As a result of my willingness to be used by God to administer His power and prophesy to people, many have been healed mentally, spiritually emotionally, economically, and even physically. The authentic anointing that God has entrusted me with has caused supernatural healing to take place in the lives of many. Through the operation of my gift to prophesy and my ability to lay hands on the sick, people have been healed of cancer, MS and many other major sicknesses and diseases. These are the works of Christ and is exactly what Jesus lived to do; help those that were hurt.

What I do is not a mockery, but rather it’s real ministry that helps real people with real issues, releases real miracles because I serve a real God. That’s Real!

Elev8: What is the role of Prophetess? 

Taketa Williams: A Prophetess is a Female Prophet. The role of a Prophetess is to serve as a mouthpiece of God that speaks forth the mind of God and reveals the purposes and plans of God. After God gives us prophetic insight, we tell others what God is saying regarding a person, a group of people, a nation, a problem, a situation or a circumstance.

A Prophetess receives special messages and hidden revelations from God through communication with God.  God reveals unto a Prophetess revelations and mysteries that He desires to expose and unfold. God will speak to a Prophetess regarding things of the past, the present and the future. God tells His Prophetess’ what He plans to do in the days ahead and in the time to come. A Prophetess hears regarding things pertaining to the future.  Some see or have glimpses into the future and then prophesy what they hear or see so that others can see what was prophesied happen and come to pass.

As a Prophetess, God empowers us to speak forth or prophesy miracles, healings, breakthroughs, change, and financial blessings to name a few.  A Prophetess is different from a Psychic.  In many instances a Psychic may see something, but much greater a Prophetess can see it and we have the power to change it.

A Prophetess has special a gift from God to speak on behalf of God and God honors what we speak and makes happen what we say. We SAY IT, then we SEE IT. When we prophesy, we bring revelation into reality then people SEE what we SAID manifest.

Taketa does not  take her gift lightly. She  admits she trains her protégé with a strict hand and isn’t afraid to drop someone if they don’t come up to her standards. Her protégé, Rebecca Hairston, is a single mother with three children.

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She is a tough cookie! Here is a clip from Episode 1 of Taketa at the firing range.

Lifetime has ordered six episodes of the docu-series, premiering Friday, June 5th at 10pm ET/PT. We will be live tweeting during the episode and look forward to all you have to say!

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