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Keldrick “Kel Bla$t” Porter (born December 29th, 1991) is the biggest thing to hit the Rap industry since the early days of hip-hop. Kel Blast is a true native of Dallas with the down south sound’s reminiscent of southern hospitality. Kel’s love for the music started at an early age listening to old school hip hop artists like Tupac, Biggie and Nas to the new school artists like Lil Wayne, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Kel establishes himself among the best in the music business by writing, producing and mixing his own unique sounds to create reverberations to last a lifetime. Currently, Kel is pushing the single “Rich & Famous” to be featured on the EP “Patience” on and following the release of “Get to the Money.” Music connoisseurs will be popping their fingers and bobbing their heads long after the music falls out of the number one spot on the charts. Formidable are his opponents, but Kel Blast’s end game is to revive the positivity in the music industry starting in his own home of Dallas, TX. Culturally, Kel’s music is easily accepted and enjoyed by a diverse group of people which is evident with his established and ever increasing fan base. Though the Hip-Hop music industry has taken many turns, Kel Blast remains in his own lane which is beneficial to becoming a legend in the Hip-Hop music industry.

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