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We can’t imagine how challenging and emotional it must be raising a child with a mental disorder. Comedian DL Hughley recently broke down in tears talking about his son Kyle, who has Asperger’s Syndrome — a pervasive developmental disorder that presents difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication in those it effects. During an interview on Oprah’s Where Are They Now, Hughley remembered holding his 26-year-old son and telling him “You’re going to be alright.”

“He graduated from college, but everything has to be the same. He goes to work at the same time. He eats the same things,” he explained. “Three weeks ago, I had to get gas and he says ‘Daddy, I’ll do it.’”

“I’m a nervous wreck,” he continued. “So he comes back in and he gives me the receipt and the keys. And I could not stop crying, because he did something he was afraid to do … I just didn’t believe he could do it. He did it.”

While there is no cure for Asperger’s, early diagnosis and treatment can improve function and quality of life. [SOURCE]

On another note, Hughley opened up about his infidelities.

“I think monogamy what you give your woman so she don’t leave. I don’t think that it’s a natural condition at all.”

We’re just going to leave that right there.


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