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While Patricia Arquette is standing up for wage equality, Hillary Clinton is calling for greater female representation in the Tech industry.

The former Secretary of State had to take Silicon Valley to task for pretty much still being an Old Boy’s Club. The Los Angeles Times reports that when she appeared at the Lead On Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women today, Hillary spoke on how important it is for people working in a more technologically advanced world to update its economic structure.

“The old jobs and careers are either gone or unrecognizable,” Hillary said. “The old rules just don’t seem to apply, and, frankly, the new rules just aren’t that clear.”

She continued, “[If] we want to find our balance again, we have to figure out how to make this new economy work for everyone.”

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To that point, Hillary addressed the great need for there to be more women in positions of power in big tech companies because it is rare to see a woman bust through the glass ceiling in Silicon Valley. She highlighted the fact that women only account for 20 percent of developers in the area and the numbers are even more dismal in the boardroom, where we only make up 11 percent of executives. And women still can’t seem to access equal pay as men with a bachelor degree still make 60 percent more money on average than women in the field.

“The numbers are sobering,” said Hillary, who also pointed out that there are only four women on the Forbes list of top tech investors.

“We can literally count on one hand the number of women who have actually been able to come here and turn their dreams into billion-dollar businesses,” Clinton said. “We’re going backward in a field that is supposed to be all about moving forward.”

Today’s event was aimed at fixing the problem as conference organizers encouraged women to network in hopes of bolstering their numbers in the tech industry. However, attendees also had their eye on seeing a woman running things in the White House, calling on Hillary to officially launch her campaign for president.


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