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It’s been Throwback Thursday everyday since Missy Elliott snatched our edges during her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Katy Perry. We’ve always loved our girl Missy! But it’s been ten years since her last album The Cookbook, and her constant flow of party jams and innovative production (and videos) have been missed! Yesterday, she called into the radio show Sway In The Morning to express her gratitude at the elated reception she’s received from fans, and the press, and had a chance to share her thoughts on Bobbi Kristina.

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Sway didn’t ask the 5-time Grammy winner too many questions, and instead let Missy explain in her own words show she ended up at the Halftime Show and what’s else has been new with her. Here are the tidbits!

On rehearsals and Perry inviting her:

I was straight all the day until two days before the Super Bowl! Now, Ive been performing for over 20-something years, and I’ve never been so, like I was getting anxiety attacks! My family was calling me like, ‘do you know how big this is!’

But God is good. When I say that, on the day of the show, I prayed all the way to the stage. And I was listening to what y’all was saying, and it’s true. I thank Katy because, she could’ve picked any artist, and it was big for her. So you know, most artists probably would’ve been like, let me get somebody at the top of the charts so my stuff can go even higher. And she said she was a fan of mine. And that meant a lot. Because we did a record together, so I thought I was going to come out on the record we did together, but she said, ‘I want you to do your records’ and I’m like, ‘wow’. And she said to me, ‘God got you here for a reason’. And you know, I be getting emotional, I’m a Cancer!

But I’m humbled, I’m grateful, I’m humbled. I can’t even tell you. I’ve cried, and cried, and cried.

On the resurgence of her music sales and streams, as Post-Super Bowl, old and new fans  blew up iTunes and Spotify:

I’ve seen people tweeting I’m going to be on the freshmen year cover of XXL!

On the new generation of music and the art of staying focused:

Artists drop stuff everyday now. I didn’t come from that era! When we dropped something it’ll last 6-8 months, [then] we drop something else. And what [I tell these new artists today] is that you gotta master your craft. You gotta get in and write everyday. You gotta get in that mirror and dance everyday. You gotta do your vocals everyday. A lot of that stuff. When you talking to someone that comes from another generation, that seems a little abnormal to them and I’m like, listen: I come from [an era] where Mary[J. Blige] taught me, Puffy taught me, Devonte from Jodeci, they all taught me and that’s how they use to work. Everyday we just woke up to sit and write rhymes. Write songs. Create a new sound. If anybody says ‘this sounds like something that’s already out there’, you going in the wrong direction. Because we’re trying to do game-changing stuff.

On her protege Sharaya J and the importance of being yourself:

[Sharaya J], she’s a hard worker. A hard worker. And we’ve just been pushing. Making that people understand the Banji movement…we’re telling people to be themselves because they are a lot of followers out there. It’s okay to be yourself. I know peer pressure be out there, and it’s the trendy thing, but create your own thing. Be you. Stick close to who you are. I came in and I was like nobody else. They couldn’t say I sounded like anybody else. Look like anybody else. And I wasn’t even trying to do that. I was just being me.

On Bobbi Kristina (who at press time is still hospitalized):

It’s heavy on a lot of people. And this is someone who lost her mother. She was very close to her mother. So that was like her backbone. So I’ve been in prayer, I’ve been praying. And a lot of artists that I know that have a relationship her and with her mother, we’ve all been in prayer. I just tell people to keep praying and don’t stop. I believe in the power of prayer.

This was a great interview that Sway and Heather conducted with Missy. And her kind words for Bobbi K were well-said.

Before her guest appearance for the Halftime Show this year, the main reason why the Supa Dupa Fly rapper had been MIA for so long was because she combating Graves Disease which attacks the thyroid. One of her first high profile appearances since the diagnosis in 2008 was at New York Fashion Week in September for an Alexander Wang after-party, where she also showed off a 70-pound weight loss.

The release date of her largely anticipated album Block Party remains TBA, but she did speak of getting back into the studio with long-time pal and co-producer Timbaland!

We can’t wait!

Listen to the entire interview above in the video!


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