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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. took a page out of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.‘s book, and expelled five of their members for their involvement with the now-canceled VH1 show, “Sorority Sisters.”

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Members Lydia Mitchell, Priyanka Banks, MeToya Monroe, Adrene Ashford, and Shanna McCormick were expelled on what happened to be the organization’s founder’s day, January 13. The show received a lot of flack for the negative portrayals of women in black Greek letter organizations. Viewers called for a boycott of the show and many of the show’s ad sponsors pulled away from the show.

Fellow member, K. Michelle, had this to say about the show in an interview with 92Q Jams on why the show should have been canceled:

“It’s not appropriate. I love Mona, I love VH1 to death, they are all my family, but I’m not a fake person in my beliefs. That should have never been touched. Some things should be sacred for us, especially at a time when our black community is struggling so much with things. The sororities and fraternities are the one things we look to in college that uplift the community. Things aren’t peaches and cream, but everything doesn’t need to be exposed when it comes to that.

I am a Delta, I have acted a fool on TV, but at the same time, I didn’t do it with the Delta Sigma Theta tatted on my back, in front of people. It’s not an excuse for anything I might have done within TV, at the end of the day we’re all human. But you don’t get on TV in the name of women who came before us and do what you’re doing… you don’t get on their ‘oo-ooping’ and doing all of that while acting a fool. Where I’m from and where I pledged, you weren’t even allowed to drink. You’re not allowed to throw up those symbols while you’re drinking. So not only are you guys throwing up symbols and drinking, going against how we were pledged and brought in, you guys are fighting and cursing with the letters on your back! Not appropriate.


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