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When the “Sorority Sisters” promo trailer first hit the Internet with a two-piece a petition to keep the show from airing followed. The reality show that exposed the lives of sorors post their college years sent sorority founders and members into an uproar. It seemed like “Sorority Sisters” had gone away then boom! It was in our living rooms on VH1. Severe backlash ensued and like before, another petition to end the show followed. Groups organized boycotts against the show and some people issued death threats against the cast. Tons of advertisers pulled their ads from the show.

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But as they say (whoever “they” are) there’s no such thing as bad publicity and Mona Scott-Young, the producers and executives over at VH1 are cashing in on the controversy. That isn’t to say, the ladies who make up “Sorority Sisters” don’t feel the heat from the fiery backlash. The cast of the controversial show sat down for an “impromptu” segment where they confronted what they call “hypocrisy.”

“I represent me also not just Sigma Gamma Rho. Before I respect my organization I respect myself first.  A lot of people can say, when they watch the show, even celebrities that have pledge a Greek organization can say ‘I act a fool on TV but never with my letters on my back.’ But that does me you respect your letters more than you respect yourself?” Cat said probably referring to K. Michelle, who called the show “inappropriate.” (She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta.)

“I’ve seen woman who have been apart of different, who are actually members of sororities and fraternities and they act a fool, totally amped up, just out of control,” April added. “All of this hate has been thrown my way and the rest of these ladies as well and I feel like it’s hypocrisy.”

Watch the ladies’ dialogue, here.

What do you think about “Sorority Sisters?”


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