Wow! Did you see that turnaround coming?

I reached out to the Tweeter, @unSENSEcered, on my own personal handle (@Nakisha) to tell her how powerful I thought her words were and she replied, “I did it from the heart.” Adding, “He didn’t seem negative, just misguided and somewhat naive about Jessie’s whole point. Knowledge gets you further than anger….had I just met him with the aggression everyone else did, there’s no change. How many lives can he affect? We have to realize that not everyone that doesn’t look like us, speaks out of hate. Sometimes they genuinely just have no clue.”

This conversation is a true testament to the power of words, shared experiences, and yes, even social media! Jesse Williams used his TV access, his follower used Twitter and we can ALL use the different tools and platforms we have available to us, along with our unique perspectives, to shine light!

Each one teach one.



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Jesse Williams Was Criticized For Wearing A Hoodie On CNN And A Fan Turned It Into An Incredible Teachable Moment  was originally published on

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