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Ever sent a questionable pic to someone you later regretted? I think we all have but this girl takes it to another level when she accidentally sent a nude pic to her dad!

Her name is Nyjah Cousar@dearfashionn) and we know she did that because she told us on twitter and even documented what happened after the pic was received.

Immediately after the pic, it seems she realized her mistake and turned to social media for help.



She didn’t get the answer in time because dad got the message and blew up her phone.


He can’t seem to get her on the phone so he hops in the whip and rushes home to tear her a new one! **Warning: explicit language

He gets to the house, and she decides to lock herself in the bathroom and refuses to let him in, so he has to scold her through the door!

It seems like she learned her lesson…or did she?

As a parent, what would have been your reaction to a message like this from your child? Join the conversation on