3. Her last album tanked.

madonna promo - madonna promo

Madonna’s last album, MDNA, failed miserably in the US. How miserably? She sold only 521,000 copies of MDNABut you have to remember that she gave away a copy of her album to anyone that bought a concert ticket. She sold 379,000 copies in her first week of MDNA’s release, the same week her concert tickets went on sale.

Basically, no one bought her album unless they got it for free. Not good for the long-term album portfolio.

4. She needs to get conversations started before she comes out with her next album.

madonna mdna tour - madonna mdna tour

The failure of her last album made one thing clear, she needed to be culturally relevant in order for her albums to sell. In other words, folks need to give a damn about her so she can sell come records. Even though her concert tour sold out worldwide, if no one buys her albums she can’t remain significant enough to merit attention. Then ticket sales plummet, then you have to take a prolonged break. Janet Jackson knows all about that.

5. This won’t matter six months from now.

People are in an uproar over her use of the n-word. She even went so far as to give a pathetic little apology. But six months from now this won’t matter a bit. In the constantly updating tide of news stories this kind of stupidity won’t hurt her standing one iota. And, eventually, when she comes out with another album and tour she will bank fat stacks once again. Watch and behold. Madonna is The Publicity Master.

Of course, if this really bothers you… just ignore her.


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