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So someone triple-dog dared you to go to New York’s Times Square On New Years Eve. The countdown nexus of The Big Apple may be pretty Disneyfied of late but you still need to be prepared. Here are some quick tips if you want to catch the ball drop without catching a fade.

1. Get there EARLY-like 2pm early if you want even a remote chance of getting a good spot. Many sections will be blocked off by barricades early in the day and don’t even THINK about driving. Subway is the way to go.

2. Once you get there, don’t move/leave your spot for ANYTHING, even to go to the bathroom, because it will NOT be there when you return.

3. If you know you have a small bladder and will absolutely HAVE to move at some point, then go there in a group of 10 or more people, and only move two at a time so your friends can hold the spot you fought for so diligently.

4. Dress warm (remember you will be outside for HOURS) and it has been known to be insanely cold out there with no signs of shelter. Accuweather says it will be the low will be 33 degrees New Year’s Eve.

5. Don’t even THINK about trying to sneak a drink, even from a well concealed flask, because the boys in blue are just looking for an excuse to crack heads and confiscate ANY alcoholic beverages for their OWN after-party.

Bonus: Take pictures, video, etc. and make sure to enjoy the moment and take it all in, because it’s likely that while grateful for having been there once in your life, after everything you will inevitably go through, you are NOT likely to want to return!


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