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New parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took their lil mama North West for a walk today in Santa Barbara according to TMZ. Now we know many of you are going to say, “so” or “why is this news?” or our personal favorite “OMG Urban Daily who really cares?” But this is a story and here is why….no one got screamed on, no one got physical, we got to get a glimpse of the tiny little one sleeping in her mommy’s arms and all was seemingly right with the world the whole time.

This was apparently what was going on while Kanye’s attorney Blair Berk pled not guilty on the rapper’s behalf just a few hours ago in the photog-beating case.

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So perhaps this is a picture of a man remembering what is most important to him at the end of the day…and the significance of that is pretty deep. This picture of a calm Kanye out with the soon to be Mrs. and their beautiful little bean is a nice transition from what was being shown in the courtroom earlier. We’re not saying they went for a walk with the baby in view of the paparazzi to change the narrative of the negative story being told in the courtroom or anything though…because they would never do anything like that…nah not them. But we digress! Let’s hear it one time for the good life!





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