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You never know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to the internet. Recently, a song surfaced online where it appears Justin Bieber is using the N-word in a song called “What She Wants.” However, Bieber’s camp just put out a statement saying the song is a fake.

In this song, Justin is allegedly singing about a girl that wants him to wife her up. While the verses are pretty tame, the hook is when things get a little sketchy. The hook says, “She wants me to be her n***a..” when we first heard it, we thought it was Justin Bieber’s voice, but another colleague said it’s clearly not Bieber throwing around the racial epithet.

People in justin’s camp told TMZ that the song is a fake and someone made a fake YouTube account that looks damn near the same as Bieber’s real YouTube account. He has his legal team trying to get the song removed from the internet entirely.

Check the song out below. Do you think that Justin Bieber dropped the N-bomb in this song or has he been acting like the lost member of CB4 long enough for us to be fooled into believing it’s him on the song when it isn’t? Sound off.



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