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Of course someone had to bring el ratchet to the BET Awards red carpet.  We would have never guessed it would be these  two!

Last year, beef began brewing between Celebrity Apprentice stars Omarosa and  Claudia Jordan after Claudia attended the funeral of Michael Clarke Duncan (Omarosa’s fiancé) and  posted a few photos online. Omarosa felt  it was disrespectful and blasted Claudia all over the press, while Claudia  snapped back that Omarosa was using his death for publicity. Coincidentally, the  two arrived to the BET Awards red carpet around the same time yesterday and  decided to make a reality TV moment out of the occasion. Allegedly, Omarosa  walked by and called Claudia a “b-tch,” and then her mom punched Claudia.

Here’s how Claudia told the story to Eleven8 from Baller Alert:

‘I just had an interview about  sisterhood and how we have to stop looking at each as as people [like], ‘I’ve  gotta step on the next person to get to the next level’ and be more embracing of  each other and supportive. I just had an incident before that, I see Omorosa- we  were on celebrity apprentice together – she walked by and called me a b-tch and  then her mother punched me in the arm. On  the [red] carpet, in front of people, her mother punched me in the arm. There  were witnesses. It was kinda like a little weak  old baby punch but it was still like crazy disrespectful. Like who does  that?

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