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[Update] 4:23 AM EDT:

Boston Police Confirm that these two men are in fact the Boston Marathon Bombers. One of the bombers has died in police custody after a fire fight. The other, who was wearing the white hat in the pictures, is still at large.

This story seems like it’s straight out of the “Die Hard” or “Rambo” series of the 1980′s! But it’s not, this is going on right now in the Boston, Mass area of Watertown! The possibility is that Boston Police and federal authorities are engaged in a street warfare of sorts with the Boston Marathon Bombers.  The suspects are said to have been throwing explosives at the police as well as shooting at them.

One suspect was taken in to custody after apparently being shot by police. The other suspect is still being pursued.

The story started off with an MIT officer being shot to death, and then those suspects allegedly car-jacked a car and beginning this crazy shootout with police. Eyewitnesses are reporting to MSNBC that they saw a pressure cooker bombs thrown at police.

Check out this scary video that was just posted of the shootout!

This has not been confirmed by the Police to the public, but the “Boston Globe” reported on Twitter that the first Marathon suspect was in custody.

Later on the Boston Police Scanner, one of The Urban Daily Staff members heard a Boston Police member say:

“Party outstanding is the one with the white hat that was identified in the photos.”

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