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A teacher in Texas is being accused of fondling a young female student of hers. The teacher says she didn’t do it because she goes out of her way to not touch black children.

Esther Irene Stokes, 61, is being accused of sexually abusing one of her first grade students. The young girl told her mother that Stokes touched her private parts on the outside of her clothes after sending the rest of the class out of the room. A Humble, Texas police detective J. Blanchard stated, “The victim said that she was in the classroom alone with the teacher and that the teacher touched her on the outside of her clothes, on what she called her ‘private part,’ her vaginal area.”

Esther Stokes was given a polygraph test and failed when she was asked about the young girl’s accusations. After failing the polygraph, she vehemently denied any wrong doing because she’s a racist. “She doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her — she admitted to being prejudiced,” Blanchard told the media.

The young student also said once she protested the inappropriate touching, she was made to stand in the hallway without being fed lunch. The teacher also denied this claim. However, the school administration at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School said their records show the girl was fed breakfast yet never received any lunch on the day in question.

Stokes’ attorney, Patty Maginnis, said Stokes’ racist comments are “not proof that any crime has been committed.” The school saw otherwise and fired Esther Stokes. In as released statement, Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School said, “The employee involved was immediately placed on administrative leave as soon as the complaint was received, and the matter was investigated. As a result of the Academy’s investigation, the staff member in question has been terminated.”

Esther Stokes was released from jail on $10, 000 bond and is slated to appear before the judge on May 21st.

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