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The Top 10 Most Delayed Albums Ever!!

Could We See Them in 2013??

When it comes to highly anticipated/ambitious albums in the music industry, particularly in Hip Hop and R&B, they have a bad reputation for never being released or being placed on indefinite hold.  However, with 2013 looming and a number of the artists on this list reemerging from silence in recent years, there is hope that since their long overdue/promised albums were not released in 2012, that 2013 maybe the year.  Some of these may be so overdue, you may have forgotten about them- but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming! With that said, here is the top 10 most delayed albums—EVER!!

10)  Janelle Monae- The Electric Lady and Untitled Album

If you are like this writer, then this is probably the most anticipated album on this list.  To call Janelle Monae a breath of fresh air is an understatement- she is the truth- period.  Anyone questioning this only needs to listen to her phenomenal album The ArchAndroid to know why.  Voice, beauty, dance moves, originality, creativity, and business minded- she has it all- with the exception of one thing- an official album release date!!  Toward the end of 2011, she announced that in 2012 she would release 2 albums.  Due to similar promises made by artists previous to her (some are on this list actually), there was skepticism that this would happen.  It does not help either that she is signed to Bad Boy, and anyone familiar with their history of delaying albums would understand why, especially since the company seems to have centered its attention to more street influenced artists such as MGK and French Montana as of late.  Yet there was hope- 2 new songs were premiered at a festival this summer, and a confirmation of an official album title too.  Then…nothing.  Now that 2012 is almost over, the question is will 2013 be the year of the return of the ArchAndroid?

Update:  The most recent update was the confirmation of one of the album’s names:  The Electric Lady.  Outside of fans continue to listen to The ArchAndroid in hopes of an announced release date soon.

Chances:  3 out of 5 (for at least one album)

9)     Erykah Badu- New Amerykah Part 3

Ms. Badu introduced many, including this writer, to the world of Neo-soul via Baduizm.  Since then, she has taken her angle of the genre in directions that some of original fans may not fully understand or appreciate, but nevertheless, she has a loyal following, and she will always have respect for creativity and willingness to take chances.  So of course, when she announced the New Amerykah album trilogy, and released 2 of the 3 albums, whether you were a fan of the albums or not, you paid attention.  Each had their own sound and messages, but most importantly it was all Badu, and it was building up to the final chapter of her trilogy.  That is until the final chapter disappeared!! Will 2013 be the year it reappears?

Update:  Silence…

Chances of a 2013 release:  .2 out of 5  (yes, that is a ‘.’  before the 2, not a mistype)

8)     50 Cent- Black Magic/Street King Immortal

This album release is quickly gaining the reputation of one of his mentors and reaching Detox levels of release/delay/release.  Since his last major album release (Before I Self Destruct), 50 has not been the same, nor has his buzz.  While there were a few that considered BISD an excellent album (this writer included), that sentiment was not shared amongst most album buyers. In fact, some may argue that once he “lost” the album release battle with Kanye West prior to BISD, that was when the industry really changed.  It opened the door for the Kid Cudi’s and Drake’s to be taken seriously and attain a solid claim in the rap game that was once occupied by the more hard hitting, gritty style music 50 comes from.  Nevertheless, he stays in the news, has a very large group of followers around the world, and has still been releasing music- just not an official album.  Between public feuds with his parent label, his own artists, and bosses, it is surprising that an official album is still being discussed.  Initially called Black Magic, the name and direction have been restructured multiple times.  Multiple release dates have been announced, but when it comes time for the album to be released- nothing.  So what’s really going on?  Will 2013 break the trend and we see the return of aka Ferrari?

Update:  It was given a firm confirmation and release date for Nov. 2012, and 2 solid singles.  However, November came and went with no update.

Chances of a 2013 release:  2 out of 5

7)     Maxwell- blackSUMMERSnight and blacksummersNIGHT

It took YEARS for BLACKsummersnight to be released, and when it did, it flew off the shelves!  To say that his fans had been waiting for a new Maxwell album impatiently is being polite– they were feenin’ for some new Maxwell!!  When BLACKsummersnight was originally announced, it was stated that the album would be part of a trilogy, and that they would be released relatively close after one another.  Well…that first album came out in 2010.  Multiple tours and performances later, the sequel has yet to appear.  Could 2013 be the year?

Update:  Well, supposedly BlackSUMMERSNight was scheduled to come out in 2011- promotional materials were released and all.  Then the unexpected happened- 2012 came…

Chances of a 2013 release:  Good question.

6)    Outkast- Untitled

Only their fellow affiliate Janelle Monae (Big Boi manages her)could top any personal anticipation from this writer of an album release outside of this.  Outkast is the group of legend.  What they brought to the rap game, how they opened up the genre, and their overall impact is unmatched.  Play any of their albums with the exception of the classic SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusic, and unless you knew what year the songs were actually released, their music still sounds fresh and new to this day (my opinion of course).  The truth is, though, it’s not.  Yes Andre, the record player’s been skipping and slowing down (true fans will know the reference), so now it’s time for a new Outkast album!!  Since their last official album, the rap industry has changed immensely, and while Big Boi has been able to successfully continue to carry the crown on their behalf with two excellent solo albums, their fans still want a true Outkast album!  The industry desperately NEEDS a new Outkast album.  So enough talk about it—where is it???!!!

UpdateBig Boi and Andre 3000 both stated that until an official album is set, they are not going to mention Outkast anymore.  There you go.

Chances of a 2013 release:  1 out of 5

5)    Andre 3000- Untitled

Ever since Outkast’s Speakerboxx/The Love Below opus, the rumors of Andre 3000 releasing an official solo album have lingered.  Then disappeared. Then appeared- and so forth.  We are now ending 2012, and in traditional Andre 3-Stacks fashion, the master lyricist has reemerged again on a number of verse-stealing guest appearances with some of the biggest artists in the game right now.  He is the ONLY lyricist I have personally seen humble the most confident rapper after he is done laying down his verse.  I am use to Game admitting artists outshined him on his own tracks, but T.I.Rick Ross?  That just doesn’t happen- unless it’s 3-Stacks.  So of course with his reappearance on the scene, and his dominance on the mic, the rumor mill has started again. So the question is, will the rumors turn into fact—or will they remain rumors?

Update:  No update on this– that is unless fans consider Class of 3000: Music Volume One as an official album release from Dre- but I have a feeling that will not fly for the loyal Dungeon Family fans.  His official album has been rumored for almost 10 years now.  Big Boi has released 2 solo albums so far.  And Andre just stays hush on it- for now…

Chances of a 2013 release:  1 out of 5

4)    D’Angelo- Untitled

This is the album that everyone wants to happen but there is no guarantee that it will anytime soon.  There have been positive signs, including Questlove’s confirmed involvement, and D’Angelo’s reappearance on the performance scene.  However, the album itself, while release dates have been stated, they have come and gone.  This one may take awhile as the crooner continues to get his footing back in place and reclaim the game of neo-soul he helped set ablaze years ago.  With so many appearances and confirmations, his next classic cannot be that far away- or can it? Will 2013 be the year for the return of D’Angelo aka the naked video man (Untitled ladies??) ??

Update:  Not until we see cover art and a tracklist

Chances of a 2013 release:  read above.

3)   Dr. Dre- Detox

There is really nothing to say on this that has not already been stated over the last 10 years.  From artists shouting out this album dating all the way back to his last classic 2001, this album has become, much like 2001 before its release, the talk of legend.  It does not help that several songs have been “leaked” or released over the years that supposedly were connected to it.  Remember the 3 Headed Monster promotion by Aftermath– the year when Dre, Eminem, and 50 were all suppose to drop their highly anticipated albums and reclaim the game?  Yeah… well Dre changed his mind. However, who knows, 2013 maybe the year—strong emphasis on the word “maybe”…

Update:  5 words-  Kendrick Lamar / Beats By Dre

Chances of a 2013 release:  WHOA—don’t get ahead of yourself!  Let’s get an official single first, then we can talk about release dates.

2)    RZA- The Cure

Now this album is a true album of legend!  It was announced when I was still in high school and the WuTang weren’t nothing to …(hiphop heads know where that was going).  Back when the talk was not about the latest antics of Gucci Mane or Waka, it was about within the clan known as WuTang, who was the best rapper–  Method Man, Inspecta Deck, Ol’ Dirty Bastard—RZA??  It was an ongoing debate for years that would only be settled when all of them dropped at least one official solo album, and The Cure was what RZA had brewing.  Does anyone remember the music video for the first official single?  For the album’s sake, I hope that song is still not on there.  It was not bad at all, but, talk about a throwback- way way back.  Three Bobby Digital albums, and one RZA album later, the album has still yet to be released- yet the Abbott still talks about it!! He still plans to release it! The problem?  WuTang does not have the following it once did, so the anticipation for this album has simmered to only the hardcore fans of the Wu.  Even then, if it is ever released, it may only be purchased out of curiosity because Wu heads, and hardcore hip hop fans alike, will want to know what about this album made RZA hold onto it for so long- and if it was worth it.  With it, will he be able to change the game again, and more importantly- will we see it in 2013???

Update:  Update…what update??

Chances of a 2013 release:

1)     Lauryn Hill- Untitled

Now this is the one album that could top Dr. Dre and RZA’s- because while RZA’s has been an extremely long time coming, there is a good chance that L-Boogie still has the same amount of fans, if not more, waiting for this album to release.  Her first solo album took the world by storm, and catapulted her far beyond her Refugee Camp (better known as the Fugees), but then something happened.  Marley entered the picture- then children. New beliefs about life completely altered her look, sound, and vocally voiced opinions regarding the world around her (does anyone remember when she was invited to perform at the Vatican and she accepted only to give him a verbal lashing during her performance?).  Well in recent years, things have changed slightly.  Marley is not in the picture- engaged to someone else- and she is suddenly on tours regularly now, sounding like the Lauryn her fans use to follow, with a splash of the Lauryn they have come to know over the years since post Miseducation.  So now that she is getting back into the game officially, is there a chance an album may follow in 2013?

Update:  She has mentioned a new album, and played new songs at her performances over the last couple years, but nothing official has appeared.

Chances of a 2013 release:  Who knows… I think a lot of fans would be happy if she just works on starting her shows on time on a regular basis first!

Runner Up

Pusha T- My Name Is My Name

Ok, so this one is lightweight compared to the others.  However, to those true Clipse fans, since the announcement that Pusha T had joined Kanye West’s team, they have been waiting since Kanye’s last solo album, My Beautiful Dark Fantasy.  Instead, he has released quality mixtapes and displayed the show-stealing lyricism fans have come to expect from the Re-Up Gang member on guest appearances, but no official. However, with the official G.O.O.D. Music imprint’s distribution deal with Def Jam going gold last year, and Pusha’s growing presence in the rap gossip/news/beef arena with his antics and commentary, it is just a matter of time…

Update:  Pusha T has confirmed a 2013 release

Chances of a 2013 release:  4 out of 5

Honorable Mention

Shawty Lo’s G-Unit Debut Album