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What’s up party people? My name is Jesse Salazar, aka Boy Loco. I’ve been a radio dj for over 13 years. But, as this is my bio, let’s back up to when I was just a wee-little Loco.

I grew up in the small west Texas town of Odessa. From the beginning, I embraced hip hop music even when it was only known as rap. I remember being 8 years old, the extended family would get together at a park to play volleyball on Sundays. At that time, the only source for this new genre called “rap” was a one-hour specialty show on a community radio station (shouts out to DJ TuTu). So, while my family members played at the park, I was huddled on a bench with my single cassette deck, or “jambox” as we called it, recording the entire show. I was in love with the sound and in some very small way, believe because of my loyalty to it, I contributed to the success of the genre we see and hear so much today.

Now for the nuts-and-bolts.

After receiving a degree in recording engineering in Houston, I landed my first on-air position at a local tejano radio station in Odessa. At my first chance, I jumped ship to a hip-hop station. From there, I found myself quickly advancing to high profile positions in major markets including Houston, Tampa, Austin, Phoenix and now Dallas.

I believe hip hop is a state of mind and am honored to represent it every morning/afternoon on 97.9 The Beat.

Make sure you reach out to me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER because I need to get caught up on all the places I need to visit, here in the DFW !!

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