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According to the Houston Press:

The other day, when U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte was showing off his collection of jewel-encrusted mouthpieces (or “grills”) to an NBC interviewer, we couldn’t help but wonder if Paul Wall had a hand in it somehow.

Of course he did. One grill in particular, made to look like the U.S. flag is now world-famous after Lochte wore it after winning the men’s 400-meter individual medley Saturday night. The former Houston rapper, who started the Grills by Paul Wall with friend TV Johnny about 15 years ago, gave the swimmer an “Olympic discount,” Wall told XXL magazine this morning.

Wall says Lochte’s custom Stars and Stripes grill — which the swimmer supposedly snuck onto the medal stand after a U.S. Swimming representative warned him he wouldn’t get his medal if he did — is a hand-prong set with VS diamonds and rubies, and retails between $15 and $25,000.