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I have no idea as to why rappers, singer or lets just throw them all in there… “ENTERTAINERS” like to act a fool in public, hit people, damage property or anything else and think they’ll be treated like a normal person. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It just tickles my tummy. Anyway, Tyler the Creator got upset with the Sound Engineer at a recent concert and decided to act out and damage his property. (According to Problem is… He got caught on video AND soon was arrested afterward! LAWD!!! Somebody help him!!!

Here he is in the back of the police car:

Tyler The Creator, if no one ever told you before “YOU CANT GO AROUND DAMAGING OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY!” #thatsall

And what is this about?!!!

Guess he doesn’t believe in God. I knew there was a reason I was secretly happy about this post. Merry Christmas! :-)

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