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It seems like it was just yesterday that we introduced everyone to Drake’s new girlfriend, Dollicia Bryan. And it was then that Drake’s former boo, Serena Williams, decided to react via Twitter.

Serena’s first tweet at 5:22 am on December 29th read,

@serenawilliams I tried. Hard

She then went on tweeting,

@serenawilliams I’ve been doing everything I can to bite my tongue…. But….

@serenawilliams ….. But really?? Shocking.

@serenawilliams Like really, really???

Once Serena’s wardrobe stylist caught wind of her subliminal tweets to Drake’s new relationship, she jokingly tried to silence the tennis superstar.

@kmcme @serenawilliams S!!!! LOL

It didn’t work. Serena was still left confused, tweeting,

@serenawilliams FORREAL!!!!??!!!!!

@serenawilliams Ok… Like FOR REAL???

@serenawilliams Come on….

@serenawilliams WTH?

@serenawilliams Ok tks guys for listening to my hummmm’s and ahhhhhhhh lol

That was the ending of her Twitter rant, until she tweeted the somber photo of herself (above) via Instagram with the title, “You Suck.” One could only assume that all the confusion and blindsided-ness (we know that’s not a word) was caused by Drake’s press release announcing his union with model video vixen, Dollicia Bryan.

Don’t worry Serena – Drake’s only doing this for attention. Besides, you’ve still got Common’s heart. Our sources say that he even got you something swanky for Christmas. Plus, you still look like this. Winning!

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