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tsk tsk!! I just heard a Pennsylvania theater has been the victim of a swindle by people posing as managers for rapper Drake.

The management at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg says the two shows scheduled for late May were bogus from the start.

The theater and a local promoter say they were swindled by individuals posing as Drake’s manager, tour manager and even the artist himself.

Richard Berkowitz says he began sniffing out the scheme when the Virginia-based booking agency began asking for a cut of the ticket sales.

The matter has been referred to authorities. The theater says a number of other promoters have been victims of similar scams.

The theater canceled the non-existent shows Monday and said it would refund the cost of the sold-out tickets.

Damn shame alot of times you can just tweet and ask celebs about where they will be performing and they will often let you know if anything is not true or a scam…Nicki Minaj always does this and Bun B just did it yesterday about a fake OKC appearance…smh

watch for anything that seems to good to be true…

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