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Everywhere I look today, it seems like the message is clear: it’s time to drop your bad habits! Obama has quit smoking (yay!), my housemate has given up buffalo wings (I’m giving her a week), everyone on the subway has given up smiling, and apparently, The Frisky – a relationship website – has given up on ex boyfriends.

Yep, this week The Frisky launched a Break Up With Your Ex campaign. Sounds odd, but I like it. The basic concept is that before Valentine’s Day, it is time to finally let go of your ex. And properly this time. No more drunken phone calls, Facebook stalking, asking friends about him, wondering if he misses you. It’s time to cut him loose.

I know, I know, easier said than done sometimes, right? Well, to make finally cutting the cord that lil’ bit easier, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why you don’t need that drama in your life any more!

1. You broke up for a reason

Even though you might miss him, chances are he really wasn’t as hot as you remember. It didn’t work out for you then, and as hard as it might be to see him, or watch him move on, what are the chances that if you got back together anything would work out differently? Just ask your friends, I bet they can recall all the reasons why you don’t need him anymore.

2. Do you really want to go through all that again?

Remember those painful days after the break-up? I know no one wants to revisit them, so why dwell on it?

3. You may miss him, and think that ‘he was such a great guy’, but are you sugarcoating it?

It’s easy to forget all his faults when you’re lonely or all your ladies are gushing about their men, but just remember how it actually was when you were together. Remember all the arguments about anything and everything? If it was exactly as rosy as you remember, chances are it wouldn’t have ended.

4. Does dwelling on it make you happy at all?

Don’t even try and say you don’t think about him at all. We all know that when his name is mentioned in conversation you pay a little bit more attention, or when you’re on your own you do a bit of Facebook stalking. But stop it! Making yourself feel bad about being alone isn’t helping any. How can you move on if all you do is dwell on the past?

5. Do you really want him anyway?

Do you want him or is it just easier than trying to meet someone else? Do you really wanna spend next Valentine’s in the same position? Hell no! Go out and get yours.

I have sat through, and am guilty of, sooo many ‘He is such a great guy. I can’t believe it ended’ moments. He may be a great guy, or he may not have been, either way, he isn’t yours anymore, so don’t dwell on it. He doesn’t deserve any more of your time, attention, or cash.

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