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Leann Rimes – She didn’t just cheat on her man for a few one night stands or quickies. Rimes straight-up left her husband for her co-star, Eddie Cibrian. Then, they got hitched soon after. Rimes is just as dirty and sad as those country tunes she sings.

Eva Longoria – We can boo-hoo over Tony Parker’s alleged infidelities all day. But rumor has it Eva had her own collection of jump-offs at her disposal too. They were just two horny fools that couldn’t keep it together.

Jennifer Lopez – Jenny from the block was more like “Jenny walking the corner” as she cheated on her hubby Chris Judd. J. Lo wanted a piece of Ben Affleck and she went for it while still married. That rump’s been around!

Angelina Jolie – We’re going to ignore the fact that every tabloid says she cheats on Brad Pitt every week or so. But Jolie apparently cheated on her first husband with anyone from Mick Jagger to a few chicks along the way. Now, she’s probably got too many kids to have time to cheat now, though.

Shaunie O’Neal – While Shaq was doing his dirt, Shaunie was sleeping around with the family trainer. She is even rumored to have bought ol’ buddy a condo. And she has the nerve to put on this TV show like she’s the victim.

Laura Govan – While Gilbert Arenas and Laura were just engaged, she gets a special prize for her being a horrible almost-wife by cheating on Arenas with Shaq Diesel of all people. Good thing Gil called it off.

Whoopi Goldberg – Whoopi took to her menopause morning show called The View to defend Jesse James for cheating. Why? Because Whoopi admittedly cheated almost half a dozen times when she was married. We don’t blame any man for having a hard time denying that fine piece of sexy.

Jennifer Garner – Aw, look at wholesome Jen. She seems so goody-two-shoes. You wouldn’t think that she cheated on her first husband while working on her TV show Alias. Yeah, we see beyond the facade, J. Gen.

Meg Ryan – Meg is responsible for one of the most hoe-ish acts in Hollyweird history. She dumped her husband, Dennis Quaid, so she could have an affair with Russell Crowe.

Now i’m sure there are waaaaaaayyyyyyyy more men that have cheated on their wives or girlfriends BUT we are aware women cheat too!

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